Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Ordinary Londoners - No 10 inthe series

Who do you think you are, David Bailey? (Recognise the line?) I conceived this series to create portraits of the people that make London the place it is. This time I think I may have stretched the boundaries of "Ordinary" still further than I did with Daly Thomson. Yes, this is David Bailey, the photographic legend. If you are not familiar with his work here are some links to images 1 2 3 and to more background information 1 2 3.

I met him as part of the launch of the amazing new Olympus E3, more about that over hte next few days.

Oh gosh, I hope he likes this portrait.

1 comment:

Frool007 said...

The picture is very good.
Very professionally.
Very interesting person.
I think it will not take offence.
It is a life.